Rianto Utomo
Komplek Ardhini I/33 Jatirahayu, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, 17414
Mobile                                   : 0812 8180 456 / 9 23 24 456
Religion                                 : Christian                     
Place, date of birth              : Jakarta, September 29, 1973
E-mail                                    :
Academic education, English, Computer Literate



Working Experience


ANUGERAH IDEALESTARI, PT. (Distributor), Jl. Pulokambing II Kav.II/1 No.20 Kawasan Industri Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur 13920
IT Head


March 1, 2011

IT Head:
Create VPN (Bandung, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Palembang, Pontianak, Surabaya, Makasar, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Semarang, Jakarta) using Router Operating System hardware and software, for database distribution and maintenance computer and server. VoIP. CCTV. Ncomputing and Print Server (cable and wifi).
Create software reporting system using PHP and Apache for Analisa Penjualan, Laporan Pembayaran, A/P, A/R, Gross Margin, Mutasi Barang, etc. create software for Distribution, Packing List System.
Create software using Visual Basic, PHP, Stored Procedure of Microsoft SQL Server for Automatic Backup Data, Restore Data, Review All Branch Data, etc.
Use Ncomputing, Linux (Ubuntu, Suse), windows for office operational.
Server using Linux Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft windows Server 2008 R2.
All Operating System are Legal with minimum expenditures.
Maintenance all computer and server
Maintenance networking

SEKOLAH VICTORY PLUS (Education), Kemang Pratama Raya AN 2-3 Kemang Pratama – Bekasi.
IT Supervisor and Robotic Club Coordinator.


August 20, 2007 until april, 2011

 IT Supervisor:
Build and maintenance server: PC Router with Linux Redhat9, Proxy Server with Kerio winroute, Data Server with Linux OpenSUSE, Database Server with Ms Windows 2000 Advance Server, Supervisory and maintenance computer and LAN, creating Monthly/Weekly Report for IT progress, create server for Local Chat with Linux, create server for BLOG with Linux, create email account with name, create server for local website for internal information.
Setup CCTV and DRV server for hole school, connect it to IP Public and access it anywhere in the world.
Recovery Data in Microsoft and Linux.
System Administrator for Server monitoring, schedule backup, fine-tuning, executing disaster recovery. Knowledge and experience to plan and execute server migration process. Knowledge in troubleshooting of workstations and server hardware for various OS. Maintain servers, implement new applications, collect and review server reports and logs.
Create programme for Middle School Semester Report using Ms Visual Basic with Ms SQL Server (Student and Parents data, Teacher and Principal data, subject data include criteria and description, teacher’s comment, approaches to learning, absence, student’s grade, project description, skill practiced, setup program for user ability and main menu).
Create programme for Stock Warehouse using Ms Visual Basic with Ms SQL Server (supplier data, unit data, type code, stock code, stock in, stock out, confirmation, report, order, approval).
Create program Reporting for ECE, ES, MS, HS using PHP with MySQL (login, setup user, list user, menu with varian level, edit user, list student, edit student, student grade, list report value, add student, level management)
Create programme for High School Database Marks using Moodle (web-base), mySql, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft SQL Server. Login, home, list subject, list student to-do (homework, assign essay, upload scanned duty), teacher give score, average score, input parameter non academic, input comment, graph, print comment and graph for pre-report before Semester Test (final test).
Create programme for Accounting using Ms Visual Basic with Ms SQL Server (input General Ladger COA, input Journal, GL Report).


Robotic Club Coordinator:
create schedule and subject for robotics.

  1. Train the student to be Winner of Imagine 08 Robotics Competition in JHCC on 2008 at 2nd Place
  2. Train the student to be Winner of Indonesia ICT Award 2008 (Inaicta08) for category Mazed Solving Robot
  3. Train the student to be Robot Favourite category ‘Maze Solving’ in Indonesia ICT Award 2008
  4. as Judge in Indonesia ICT Award 2008 (Inaicta08)
  5. Train the student to be Winner (Special Mention) in International Robot Olympiad (Olympiade Robot) in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia in category Rolling Ball Maze Solving
  6. as Observer in International Robot Olympiad 2008 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
  7. Train the student to be Winner for all place in category primary at Penabur Robot Competition 2009 at Mall Kelapa Gading
  8. as Judge in Penabur Robot Competition 2009 category Robot Creative
  9. as Judge in Indonesia ICT Award 2009  (Inaicta09)
  10. Train the student to be Winner of Indonesia ICT Award 2009 (Inaicta09) for category Student Project SMP project “Pengunci Komputer”
  11. Train the student to be Winner (Merit) in Asia Pacific ICT Award 2009 in Melbourne – Australia, category Secondary Student Project
  12. as Judge in Indonesia ICT Award 2010  (Inaicta10)
  13. as Judge in Indonesia ICT Award 2011  (Inaicta11)

VIDEOEZY INTERNATIONAL (Entertainment), Jl. Suryopranoto 67A Harmoni – Jakarta Pusat
IT – Network/System Administrator


January 20, 2005 until July 20, 2007
Maintenance server (PC Router, Router, Proxy Server, Domain Controller, Data Server, Database Server) using Linksys (Cisco) and Microsoft Windows 2000 Advance Server, Maintenance computer and LAN, creating Monthly/Weekly Report for outlet report and other division using Report Builder Pro and Microsoft SQL Server, Maintenance database SQL Server 7 for damaged in data or table in outlet computer, Install and Setting Server and Client using LINUX, Fedora and Mandriva.


OLYMPINDO PRIMADANA (BPR/Leasing) (Member of Olympindo Motor Finance), Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya 170 Pondok Gede
EDP/Database Administrator


April 15, 2002 until December 26, 2004
Maintenance database, handling data, create program by Ms Visual Basic and SQL Server in Stored Procedure and Trigger, maintenance LAN, maintenance Computer, database & server administration.

NORTON (Education Centre), September – December 2001, Pangkalan Jati – Jakarta Timur
Instructor (freelance)


teaching Microsoft Visual Basic 6



July 15, 2001 until January 2, 2002, Wisma Metropolitan II Jl. Jend Sudirman Jakarta
EDP, creating program for Data Entry, Customer Service, and computer information, develops database system and maintaining. Maintenance Computer Client and Server in hardware and software

WILMANA AGRO MANDIRI (Fertilizer Manufacture)


July 17, 1999 to April 2000, Tenggilis Mejoyo - Surabaya
Field Consultant. Promotion, offering and follow up, presentation, field implementation.



October 1, 1995 to July 2, 1997, Jl. Cengkeh 11 Jakarta
Sales Engineer. GPS  (Global  Positioning System) installation, navigation and survey equipment, promotion, offering and follow up actively, looking for new market area, marketing strategic, presentation, after sales service, training, marketing administration, stock opname.



Involve in Integrated Computer System at Library of Brawijaya University , buid LAN, programme and database (2000)
Yayasan Rahmatan Lil Alamin, buid LAN, creating programme and database (2001)
Judge in INAICTA 2008 category Robo Maze (Indonesia ICT Award, member of International ICT Award and Asia Pacific ICT Award)
Observer in International Robot Olympiad (IRO) 2008 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2008)
Judge in Penabur Robot Competition, Jakarta (2009)
Judge in INAICTA 2009 category Robo Maze (Indonesia ICT Award, member of International ICT Award and Asia Pacific ICT Award)
Judge in INAICTA 2010 category Robo Maze (Indonesia ICT Award, member of International ICT Award and Asia Pacific ICT Award)
Judge in INAICTA 2011 category Robo Maze (Indonesia ICT Award, member of International ICT Award and Asia Pacific ICT Award)



BRAWIJAYA UNIVERSITY, Malang, 2000, Fisheries Faculty, Fish Processing Technology with GPA 2,81
ACADEMY OF FISHERIES, Jakarta, 1995, Fish Processing Technology with GPA 2,76
Senior High School of PSKD II, Jakarta, 1992
State Junior High School 20th, Jakarta, 1989
Christian Elementary School “Pa Van der Steur”, Pondok Gede, 1986


Training, Course and Seminar

dBase III+, Institute Computer and Accountancy, Jakarta, 1991
WordStar dan Lotus 123, Panca Mitra Bakti, Jakarta, 1994
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, Department of Agriculture, Jakarta, 1995
Fish Processing Certificate, Department of Agriculture, Jakarta, 1995
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, LPKBI Nasional, Malang, 1998
Computer Installation and Assembling, LPKBI Nasional, Malang, 1998
National Seminar of Coastal Culture Technology, Research Station for Coastal Fisheries and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), Bali, 1998
National Seminar of Indonesian Fisheries, Brawijaya University and Department of Agriculture, Malang, 1998
English Training in Fluency One, Business Training Centre, Malang, 2000
Thin Client / Aplication Server Mode / PC Cloning with Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, LPK Exsyscom, Jakarta, 2003
Seminar and demonstration of Hacking and Network Security by Onno W. Purbo, Biskom, Jakarta, 2005
Seminar of Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Indonesia, Jakarta, 2006
Seminar Microsoft Security, Microsoft (Roadshow), Jakarta, 2006
Emerging Leaders, Association of National Plus School - Sekolah Tiara Bangsa, Bekasi, 2008
Adobe Education Solution Seminar, Adobe Marketing Team, Southeast Asia, Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, 2009
Modern Education e-Learning Workshop, Sisnergi, Jakarta, 2009
Microsoft Education Seminar, Microsoft Academic Licensing, Microsoft Education LAR - PT. NetTrain Informatika, Jakarta, 2009
Transformaing Education Seminar, ep-tec Solution, Jakarta, 2009
Mikrotik User Meeting, MIKROTIK INDONESIA, Jakarta, 2009
How To Survive & Improve Your Business with IT Solution, InfoKomputer, Hotel Sahid Jaya Lippo Cikarang, 2010
Certified in balanced scorecard practitioner (CBSCP) & certified in performance management professional (CPMP), HRM School & Indonesian Balanced Scorecard School, Jakarta, 2010
Conducted Microsoft Excel Training in Sekolah Victory Plus, Bekasi, 2010
Discovering Total Solutions in the CLOUD, Maximise Impact and Performance, M.Tech, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, 2011



Other Skill

Hardware, Programming (Microsoft Visual Basic, SQL Statement, HTML, ASP, PHP), Database (Visual Data Manager, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 7 (View, Stored Procedure, Trigger), MySQL), Report (Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Crystal Report), Network (LAN), Server (Microsoft Windows 2000 Advance Server), Maintenance Computer, Maintenance server (PC Router, Router, Proxy Server, Domain Controller, Data Server, Database Server) using Linksys (Cisco) and Microsoft Windows 2000 Advance Server, Macintosh or LINUX.



Karawitan Club of SMAN 14  Jakarta, 1989, member
Nature Lover Club “Gasipala” SMAN 14,  Jakarta, 1989
Observation Team of Burung Island with Animal and Nature Protection Conservation Station (Balai Perlindungan Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam, Departemen Kehutanan, Jakarta), Jakarta, 1991, Head
Student Resiment, 1992, member
Student Choir, Fisheries Faculty, Brawijaya University, 1998, Tenor Coordinator


Listen to the music, travelling, reading and sport